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A Commitment to a Better Self: A Year of Change


Hello, everyone! 👋 Today is January 12, 2024 and it's a rest day for me - no runs or workouts. It's a day of reflection, prompting me to commit explicitly to changing myself for the better. I want to share my journey with the hope that it can make me more accountable. As I compare my present self to the 2018/2019 Francis, I realize that I've strayed far from the happy, healthier, and more peaceful version of myself that I used to be.

2019 Photos of Myself

In 2019, I was more outgoing, fit, and at peace. Consistent workouts, meditation, and prayer were part of my daily rituals. Fast forward to today, I easily get tired, struggle with goals, and battle headaches and illnesses. Bad eating habits paired with inconsistent workouts and being extremely stressed all of the time have taken a toll. Blood chemistry results confirm that it's time for a complete 180-degree change this 2024, a journey to a fitter and more balanced life.

Last January 10, I started running again after being sidelined for almost a month. I also invited a couple of friends to a weight loss challenge so we could push each other to live a healthier life. We made sure to have the challenge in a longer timeframe to ensure that what we are doing is sustainable long term. To spice things up, we decided to have pot money as an award to whoever shreds the most weight. My Garmin data provides insights into my current stats, offering a way to quantify my progress in the coming months.

Garmin Data

Now, let me break down the data presented. The central photo in the second row shows how heavy I am right now which is around 92.7kg or 205 lbs. More data can be seen as provided by our Garmin Index S2. The first image of each row focuses on the data of my "Easy Run" this year wherein I tried running without looking at my watch. My objective moving forward is to lower my heart rate and increase my per-kilometer pace. Lastly, the HRV Status, V02 Max, Fitness Age, and Training Status images show a trend on how my overall fitness is. The trends and graphs indicate how I was on a decline -- detraining and slowly regressing. I aim to improve all of these numbers as I strive to reach my goals.

Speaking of goals, here are the targets I aim to hit for this 2024.

  1. Complete a marathon in under 4 hours
  2. Attain positive blood chemistry results
  3. Achieve a weight of around 175 lbs or 80 kg
  4. Integrate meditation and reflection into my weekly routine
  5. Remain illness-free
  6. Ensure all my businesses meet their goals
  7. Cultivate a more positive and loving life, especially towards those around me.

To cap it off, my ultimate motivation for this change is my desire to become a father soon. It's a big responsibility and a major shift in my life. I want to make sure I am physically and mentally prepared. Follow along on this journey through my site and on Instagram. Catch you later! 👋